David Shulick: Civil Litigation

David Shulick is the owner and Counsel of Shulick Law, where he specializes in civil litigation. He has been practicing law since 1995, when he joined the firm of Cohen and Huntington as an associate counsel, not long after passing the bar exams in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

David Shulick stayed at Cohen and Huntington for about a year before joining the firm of Frank and Rosen, a boutique firm in Philadelphia’s Center City, where he was also an associate counsel. During his time at Frank and Rosen, David Shulick distinguished himself by chairing the firm’s litigation department at the age of twenty-eight. He also filed and/or defended countless personal injury, medical malpractice, commercial litigation legal malpractice matters.

David Shulick

David Shulick

Through strategic networking, David Shulick filed and/or litigated with other Counsel multiple class action lawsuits in the areas of labor relations, consumer protection, antitrust and securities in various State and Federal Courts around the nation.

“In or around 1999,” David Shulick says today, “one of my longstanding corporate Clients at Frank & Rosen asked me to assume the role as in-house counsel, and offered me the unique opportunity to also build and grow my private law practice. This led to an extensive amount of corporate, civic and gubernatorial involvement, bi-partisan political involvement, and governmental service, wherein I helped to draft regulations, volunteered for various governmental agencies, and worked extensively with many local communities, civic groups, and other community-based organizations.”

He also founded Shulick Law in the summer of 1999. As the owner and counsel of Shulick Law, David Shulick specializes in Civil Litigation (Personal Injury, Class Action, Commercial Litigation, Malpractice Litigation and Employment Litigation, as well as serving as corporate and/or employment counsel.


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