David Shulick: Nationally Known

David Shulick is a nationally known attorney based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he specializes in civil litigation of all types. He is the owner and counsel at Shulick Law, where he also provides legal services for individuals, executives and corporations across a variety of business and legal sectors.

David Shulick was involved in mentally gifted programs from the time that he was in the third grade, all the way through George Washington High School in Philadelphia, where he graduated with honors in 1987. The mentally gifted programs were for students with IQs that exceeded 140.

David Shulick

David Shulick

One of the defining events of David Shulick’s life was the death of his Mother, Judith, in an automobile accident when he was twenty-one years old. “Three ‘at risk’ students from George Washington High School were speeding, and broadsided the vehicle she was traveling in,” David Shulick recalls. “This experience shaped my life and career in many unique ways, [instilling] the passion for making the most out of every opportunity I am presented with given life’s unpredictability and potentially short time span.”

The tragedy occurred as he was completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Delaware, and was preparing to enter the Temple University law school. “I did not defer entering Temple University Law School and commenced full time day coursework in September, 1991.” He still managed to graduate from Temple with honors and awards in 1994, and pass the bar exams in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey on the first try. He became an associate counsel at a Philadelphia firm in January 1995.

Today, Shulick Law serves as litigation and/or corporate counsel to numerous well-known corporations in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area and Southern New Jersey.


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