David Shulick: Class Action Law Suits

There are many categories of law, so much so that attorneys often spend a lifetime attempting to learn them all. This means that the average person sometimes isn’t even aware that one of the laws upholding their rights are being violated. This is where David Shulick comes in, who is an avid practitioner of class action law suits.

David Shulick

David Shulick

For those of you that don’t know, a class action law suit is where an individual or a group of people sue another group. Typically, this term is usually referring to an individual or group of consumers suing a company or business whose service was dangerous or inadequate for one reason or the other. This is largely a U.S. Practice, as both the United States, and David Shulick take very serious the preservation of good business practice as well as the rights of the consumer. It is this strong moral fiber that has allowed Shulick to excel in all aspects of his life.

David Shulick has dedicated the majority of his 15 year career to assuring that consumers of all services are treated with the respect they deserve. It is David’s highest priority to assure that business practices deliver promptly and properly all the services requested. David is a protector of the people, and serves as a shield against the powerful corporations that’s behavior would otherwise go unchecked. David helps to tip the scales of justice back into the favor of the individual or group that deserves it. It is this principle alone that he owes all of his success to.


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