David Shulick: Case Profile CVS

Over the years, David Shulick has represented a number of both companies and individuals in the fight for justice. Few fights you will find better exemplify David’s talent and ardency than in the case Patterson vs CVS. In 2001, David Shulick, on behalf of his client, Glen Patterson, when he filed a motion to sanction CVS for failing to disclose discovery, again making front page news.

David Shulick

David Shulick

After a football injury, Glen Patterson was prescribed Coumadin by his doctor. Coumadin is an anti-clotting agent used to thin the blood, as Patterson’s doctor noted that Glen had a higher likelihood to form clots. Upon receiving his prescription, Mr. Patterson began filling out the prescription at CVS, a popular drug store. On one of his multiple refills, Mr. Patterson noticed that the Coumadin pills the pharmacist gave him had taken on a peculiar shape. When the pharmacist was questioned by Patterson about this issue, the pharmacist assured him they were the correct pills.

Several days later, Mr. Patterson became incapacitated by a serious blood clot, and was admitted to the hospital. There the clot caused severe damage to his left leg, forcing the doctors to amputate it. It was then that Mr. Patterson was informed that the pills given to him by CVS were not Coumadin, but a pill designed for anxiety. Because of CVS’s obvious incompetence, and the pain suffered by Mr. Patterson, David Shulick successfully sued CVS, and they were sanctioned and thereaftere paid all necessary reparations for Mr. Patterson’s undue pain and suffering.


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