David Shulick: Case Profile BMW

David Shulick has a multitude of high profile cases under his belt, ones that he has accumulated over his near twenty years of experience in the field. David Shulick’s mission is, and has always been, to protect the rights of consumers against businesses who would attempt to deceive their customers. No case quite demonstrates the success David Shulick has had with this mission quite like the case he had against BMW, the German automotive company.

David Shulick

David Shulick

BMW was charged with a class action consumer fraud suit after it was discovered that three of its vehicles contained transmissions that were actually manufactured by General Motors. David Shulick filed for the motion on behalf of a Philadelphia woman who was both shock and angered that one of the most important components of her new BMW vehicle was not actually manufactured by the company. The woman simply felt deceived.

When David Shulick did further investigating, he uncovered that BMW deceived several of their customers. In many BMW brochures, the automaker made specific claims to their manufactured transmissions being superior to other companies, GM among them. If this evidence was not condemning enough, David Shulick also located several advertisements boasting about the heritage that existed with a BMW engine and transmission that was exclusive to BMW. David Shulick helped bring these acts of misrepresentation to the eye of the public. Cases similar to this one are precisely why David Shulick chose a career in law. He wished to be a bringer of justice and a defender of the people.


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