David Shulick: Supporting the Academic Community

David Shulick has a well-known passion for the well-being of academic institutions, something that had been instilled within him from a very early age. The son of a mother and father who were well-known instructors and administrators in the field of education, Shulick has committed a great deal of his time, energy and finances to causes that support at-risk youth. His beloved mother served 10 years at Kenderton Elementary in North Philadelphia. His beloved father served over 40 years.

David Shulick

David Shulick

David Shulick has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the deplorable conditions many local high school students are forced to endure as they attempt to receive an education. Taking notice of the condition many local high school buildings were in, as well as the dire need for rebuilding these structures, Shulick worked to establish the Judith B. Shulick Alternative Education Center. He has also authored several publications pertaining to the importance of learning environments for both students and faculty.

David Shulick is devoted to helping provide a better, more effective learning environment for at-risk youth. He has committed an enormous amount of his time and money to financial causes that serve the needs of at-risk students, has developed software aimed at increasing academic accountability, and has expressed his passion in an opinion piece published by the Main Line Times Newspaper and other publications.

Shulick has also donated and built several local playgrounds, and is a benefactor of USC’s Shoah Foundation. He has taken each of these actions in an effort to continue honoring his mother’s memory and at the same time, to support worthy causes that make a difference.


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