David Shulick – Over 15 Years of Legal Experience

David Shulick has been a practicing legal professional for more than 15 years, and has dedicated his career, and his life, to the defense and protection of both people and groups harmed and/or wronged by deceptive and damaging business practices. A respected and well known class action attorney, and civil litigation attorney, Shulick has accumulated an extensive amount of knowledge, expertise and experience in the fields of personal injury, contract, commercial, residential and real estate law. He has consistently put this experience to good use in the passionate representation and defense of the numerous clients he has served.

David Shulick’s ultimate goal is not only justice for the individual client, but for society as a whole, one reason he dedicates himself to the most passionate, effective and comprehensive representation in every case. Shulick seeks justice for everyone he serves, as well as for the businesses and powerful corporations that deceive and pose harm to the American public.

A graduate of Temple University Law School, where he graduated with honors from in 1994, David Shulick focuses his practice in the areas of litigation, class action, employment, consumer, commercial and personal injury. Shulick works to uphold the often delicate balance between employees and their employers, and to keep business operating both effectively and fairly for the consumer. He understands that businesses are often at a significant advantage when it comes to legal representation and litigation, which is why he works to assure people and their families that their rights, and their reparations, will be pursued tirelessly and without fail.


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