David Shulick – History

Born in 1969, professional attorney David Shulick has gone above and beyond expectations his entire life, having demonstrated not only an exceptional level of intelligence, but also the will and desire to work hard and persevere no matter what came his way. Determined by teachers to be intellectually gifted child at an early age, Shulick has consistently relied on his intelligence, passion and desire to do the right thing to be of consistently superior service to his clients.

David Shulick graduated high school with honors, after which he enrolled at the University of Delaware. Following his Delaware graduation in 1991, Shulick enrolled at the acclaimed Temple University School of Law, impressing both his colleagues and his professors with his work ethic, self-discipline and perseverance. Always in the pursuit of academic excellence, he was awarded the Distinguished Class Performance Award, primarily for the demonstration of outstanding oral competency and analytical ability. He also bested many of his peers as a participant in numerous Moot Court Program competitions.

Tragically, David Shulick lost his mother to a car accident during his undergraduate tenure at the University of Delaware, an event that, though a sad time in Shulick’s life, taught him an important life lesson: No One is Promised Tomorrow. Instead of letting the incident consume his life and take control over where he was going, Shulick asserted himself, using the tragedy, rather, as inspiration to push forward, persevere and face every challenge as if it were his last.

Shulick is now a successful corporate and litigation attorney, always ardently in pursuit of justice for his clients and for society.


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