Locally and Nationally Recognized Attorney

David Shulick has been recognized, not only by clients, but also by numerous colleagues and peers, as an excellent attorney. Experienced in corporate law, civil litigation, personal injury, employment, class actions and more, Shulick continues to offer a superior level of advocacy to both individuals and organizations in need of dedicated legal representation.

David Shulick has continually exceeded his clients’, his employer’s and his own expectations, regardless of the position, the firm or the case he is currently engaged in. Having achieved a high level of performance, and success, with countless clients and numerous firms throughout his career, Shulick now looks to broaden an already extensive business and legal skillset. His desire to build on what has been an impressive professional career promises to lead both him and his future employer to an even greater level of success for many years to come.

Many clients have benefitted from the superior level of commitment and service provided by David Shulick, who enthusiastically and tirelessly pursues both justice and results for every individual, organization and company he represents. The owner and founder of Shulick Law, a premiere Philadelphia law firm, he currently looks forward to transitioning away from private legal practice and finding a challenging and stimulating position within a congenial law firm and/or prestigious and successful corporation. With a passion for the law, for serving his clients and for advancing his career towards its fullest potential, Shulick promises to make an excellent addition to any organization for many years into the future.


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