David Shulick Honors His Mother’s Memory as Benefactor of U.S.C. Shoah Foundation

David Shulick takes advantage of any opportunity he has to honor the memory of his late mother, Judith B. Shulick. One powerful way he has recently done this is through is contributions to the U.S.C. Shoah Foundation. As Institute for Visual History and Education, the USC Shoah Foundation is committed to transforming audio-visual interviews of both Holocaust witnesses and survivors into a compelling voice for both education and for action.

David Shulick is proud to have made this generous donation through the Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation, and to help keep his mother’s memory alive as part of a noble and important educational cause. The Institute’s Visual History Archive, which consists of nearly 52,000 eyewitness accounts of this terrible historical tragedy, aims to preserve both the history of the event, as well as the memory of the people involved, and to continually provide others a unique source of both knowledge and insight into people’s experiences during the Holocaust.

As a benefactor of the foundation, David Shulick is proud to be a part of something truly special, and to help keep such an important source of information, knowledge and awareness alive and available to future generations. As he knows, the Visual History Archive is now home to over 109,000 hours of video testimony, presenting thousands of personal accounts of the horrors not only of the Holocaust, but also of genocides that have taken place at various points in history around the world. The Archive makes access to these videos easy and fully searchable, allowing the user the select any specific testimony they wish as fast as possible.

The USC Shoah Foundation, as David Shulick knows, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and continues to maintain it’s the same focus on research, education and access its founders intended from the very beginning. The foundation depends on the generosity of benefactors like Shulick to continue its mission of making information easily available and accessible to the public. The philanthropic community plays such an important role in the continued success and existence of the USC Shoah Foundation, an invaluable resource of insight, knowledge and information to looking to learn, or to inspire people to action.


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