David Shulick Provides Excellent Advocacy and Representation to Every Client

The Founder, Owner and Counsel for Shulick Law Offices Law Firm, David Shulick continues to provide every client with unmatched advocacy and representation. Well-versed and experienced in general litigation, class actions, personal injury, commercial, employment and consumer fraud, Shulick is a sought after Philadelphia attorney who passionately and aggressively represents every client, both inside and outside the courtroom.

Having graduated from the Temple University Law School with honors in 1994, David Shulick has been an exemplary and well-known member of both the business and the legal communities for more than 20 years. He has dedicated his life to proving the best counsel, advice, representation and litigation to every client he serves, and to ensuring each client and employer has the value and service of a dedicated legal professional on their sides at all times. Having successfully litigated hundreds of legal matters, secured numerous multi-million dollar settlements and provided his services as in-house counsel to several large companies, David Shulick continues to earn the reputation as one of the most sought after legal professionals in the region.

Shulick has exceeded expectations at every available opportunity. Whether it was as a law student at Temple, as a law clerk for Dilworth Paxson and its former affiliate, as in-house counsel for Orleans Development Company, as Associate for Cohen & Huntington and for Frank & Rosen, or as representative to any one of his current clients, Shulick has performed above and beyond what was expected, and has set himself apart as one of the region’s premiere attorneys.

David Shulick built his current firm, Shulick Law Offices, from the ground up, relying solely on the benefit of word-of-mouth and Client referrals to build a loyal and extensive base of clients. He has continually exhibited considerable acumen for and expertise in corporate and business law, in class actions and mass torts, in civil litigation, and in client advocacy, and is in current pursuit of broadening what is already a very diverse and extensive skillset.

David Shulick was named a Rising Star by the Pennsylvania Super Lawyers publication, and has firmly established himself atop the local legal community, a position he promises to hold for many years to come.


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