Super Lawyers: Recognizing Legal Greatness

Super Lawyers is a legal magazine that recognizes the best and brightest lawyers in the country. Lawyers are nominated to be a Super Lawyer by their peers, and after a rigorous selection process involving independent researchers and nominations by legal luminaries, a lawyer is chosen to be shown in the next issue of Super Lawyers. Only a maximum of five percent of all lawyers from a given state can be Super Lawyers, and the competition for a spot in the magazine is tough for every issue. Super Lawyers is more than a magazine, it’s a comprehensive rating system for the best and brightest lawyers in over seventy practicing areas in the United States. Its results are distributed to all seventy practice areas and all ABA accredited law schools. Super Lawyers is a great way to stay informed on what the best lawyers in the country do to support their practice and their community. In 2013, Super Lawyers spread to the United Kingdom, showcasing some of the best lawyers across the pond as well. In the US, Super Lawyers is published in all fifty states and Washington, DC, reaching more than 13 million readers nationwide.

In some city and regional magazines, Super Lawyers appears in a special section to showcase the best lawyers in the area and what makes them special. People looking for the best lawyers can count on Super Lawyers to deliver the most compassionate, community-oriented, talented lawyers in their area.

David Shulick was not only nominated as a Super Lawyer and featured in Super Lawyers magazine, he also made the Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars list, a special feature of Super Lawyers that recognizes the best and brightest lawyers in seventy practice areas around the country who are forty years old or younger or have less than ten years of experience. Shulick was recognized as one of the best and brightest young lawyers in his day.


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