David Shulick – Civic and Volunteer Engagement

David Shulick is a Civil Litigation Attorney who appreciates the value of giving back to his community, which is why he is highly active in civic and volunteer engagement activities that revolve around his field as well as certain issues that have affected him closely. Below are some of the examples of things that David Shulick has been engaged in, outside of his legal work, that come to the benefit of his community:

Judith B. Shulick Foundation- Following a tragic car accident that took the life of his mother, David Shulick set out to create the Judith B. Shulick Foundation, an organization that gives to Philadelphia schools in order to promote student attendance as well as involvement in activities that keep them off the streets. For David Shulick, it is his outlet for giving others the same types of opportunity he had as a child in order to create a safer and more productive future.

Jewish Federation of North America- The JFNA links Jewish communities from all over the continent to come to together and be a voice in the processes that affect their daily lives. The JFNA works to influence issues of caregiving, foreign policy, philanthropy and more on the national scale in order to promote policies that are reflective of Jewish values and are helpful to the community.


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