David Shulick: Contributor to the USC Shoah Foundation

David Shulick is a contributor of the USC Shoah Foundation, a historical organization dedicated to ensuring that the lessons from the Holocaust are never forgotten. The USC Shoah Foundation has converted audio-visual interviews of Holocaust witnesses and survivors into a narrative of one of the darkest chapters in human history. The organization hopes that by sharing as many stories of the murder of millions of Jews and others during World War II, people contemplate the realities of their own situations and take care to never allow this tragedy to ever happen again. The foundation’s work has become very important to the American descendants of the survivors and to human rights historical groups around the world.

The USC Shoah Foundation partnered with the Institute for Visual History to sift through more than 109,000 hours of video testimony from almost 52,000 eyewitness accounts of the 70-year-old tragedy. With the Institute for Visual History’s help, the Shoah Foundation digitized these personal stories of the Holocaust and made them accessible online. This database is now the most authoritative resources for Holocaust researchers in the United States. David Shulick is happy to contribute to the Foundation’s important work, which made it possible for him to teach others about the tragedy that must not be forgotten.

The USC Shoah Foundation would not be able to continue its important work without contributions for donors like David Shulick, who generously give up a part of their budgets and earnings every year to help Foundation’s workers compile there extensive records. Work like this allows more people to tell their personal stories about the Holocaust. After so many stories were lost over the years of this great tragedy, those few that remain are precious. Shulick and other donors have stepped up to help preserve the lessons of the Holocaust for the benefit of everyone.


David Shulick: Founding Member of the Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation

David Shulick is one of the founding members of the Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation, an organization dedicated to setting up scholarship opportunities for youth living in difficult home situations in the Philadelphia area. The Judith B. Shulick Foundation has given many youth the opportunity to succeed in high school and attend college afterward. The organization not only configures scholarship opportunities for high school students, it also sets up a support structure for their continued academic success in high school and beyond.

Many students helped by the Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation will be the first members of their families to attend college and they work hard for the workers at the organization to earn this distinction and reach the opportunities created by higher education. The organization is named after David Shulick’s mother, who died in a car crash many years ago. David wanted to build an organization capable of spreading the innate joy and compassion in his mother and carry her namesake. The Judith Shulick Foundation helps students in the inner city of Philadelphia struggling in sometimes overcrowded and underfunded public schools get the help they need to succeed academically in high school and the next level.

David Shulick knows the advantages that an education can give to those who work for it. He has turned his opportunity to earn a law degree into a distinguished career that has gotten him recognized in several legal trade publications, including Super Lawyers. Shulick’s work has made his practice very popular in his community as people seek legal counsel from Shulick and his partners. The Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation is another way that David gives back to his community in a meaningful, positive way. Shulick’s work has enabled a new generation of college-bound youth to contribute positively to their own communities.

David Shulick: Included in Super Lawyers Publication

David Shulick is a prominent lawyer in his community. His experience, skill, and knowledge have placed him in the fraternity of the Super Lawyers, a recognition that only five percent of all legal professionals in each state have the honor of accepting. Shulick also earned the Rising Stars distinction early in his career, which recognizes excellent lawyers under the age of 40 or with ten years or less of experience on the job. Shulick excelled in law school and at every clerkship and legal position he has been in, leading to his inclusion on the Rising Stars list.

Super Lawyers is a publication that recognizes excellent lawyers and other legal professionals in their community doing rare and transformative work. The individuals who have earned this honor are the top legal professionals in their state in any legal specialty. David Shulick is proud to have been recognized for the accomplishments in his career that he has worked so hard for over a long time. With his recognition in this trusted publication, Shulick has gotten the opportunity to help many new clients at his law firm and assist people in the community even more since he received this distinction early in his career. The recognition continues to pay dividends for his lengthy career.

David Shulick became a member of Super Lawyers after a long and rigorous selection process that resembles the requirements for getting into law school. To become recognized by Super Lawyers, lawyers have to have recommendations from their peers, pass a research study conducted by independent researchers, and be nominated by senior lawyers in their community. Super Lawyers publishes regular articles about the best lawyers in a particular area and the work they do to support their legal and layman community. Lawyers are routinely recognized by Super Lawyers for their exquisite legal skill and knowledge, and their penchant for helping clients for free or assisting junior lawyers in their community.

David Shulick will continue to offer excellent legal services to all clients in his community and use the distinction bestowed upon him by Super Lawyers to find new clients he can help. Shulick mentors younger lawyers as well, giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in the legal field. Shulick knows the difference a mentor can make in a legal career—his mentor helped guide him through struggles in his early career.