David Shulick: Founding Member of the Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation

David Shulick is one of the founding members of the Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation, an organization dedicated to setting up scholarship opportunities for youth living in difficult home situations in the Philadelphia area. The Judith B. Shulick Foundation has given many youth the opportunity to succeed in high school and attend college afterward. The organization not only configures scholarship opportunities for high school students, it also sets up a support structure for their continued academic success in high school and beyond.

Many students helped by the Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation will be the first members of their families to attend college and they work hard for the workers at the organization to earn this distinction and reach the opportunities created by higher education. The organization is named after David Shulick’s mother, who died in a car crash many years ago. David wanted to build an organization capable of spreading the innate joy and compassion in his mother and carry her namesake. The Judith Shulick Foundation helps students in the inner city of Philadelphia struggling in sometimes overcrowded and underfunded public schools get the help they need to succeed academically in high school and the next level.

David Shulick knows the advantages that an education can give to those who work for it. He has turned his opportunity to earn a law degree into a distinguished career that has gotten him recognized in several legal trade publications, including Super Lawyers. Shulick’s work has made his practice very popular in his community as people seek legal counsel from Shulick and his partners. The Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation is another way that David gives back to his community in a meaningful, positive way. Shulick’s work has enabled a new generation of college-bound youth to contribute positively to their own communities.


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