David Shulick: Contributor to the USC Shoah Foundation

David Shulick is a contributor of the USC Shoah Foundation, a historical organization dedicated to ensuring that the lessons from the Holocaust are never forgotten. The USC Shoah Foundation has converted audio-visual interviews of Holocaust witnesses and survivors into a narrative of one of the darkest chapters in human history. The organization hopes that by sharing as many stories of the murder of millions of Jews and others during World War II, people contemplate the realities of their own situations and take care to never allow this tragedy to ever happen again. The foundation’s work has become very important to the American descendants of the survivors and to human rights historical groups around the world.

The USC Shoah Foundation partnered with the Institute for Visual History to sift through more than 109,000 hours of video testimony from almost 52,000 eyewitness accounts of the 70-year-old tragedy. With the Institute for Visual History’s help, the Shoah Foundation digitized these personal stories of the Holocaust and made them accessible online. This database is now the most authoritative resources for Holocaust researchers in the United States. David Shulick is happy to contribute to the Foundation’s important work, which made it possible for him to teach others about the tragedy that must not be forgotten.

The USC Shoah Foundation would not be able to continue its important work without contributions for donors like David Shulick, who generously give up a part of their budgets and earnings every year to help Foundation’s workers compile there extensive records. Work like this allows more people to tell their personal stories about the Holocaust. After so many stories were lost over the years of this great tragedy, those few that remain are precious. Shulick and other donors have stepped up to help preserve the lessons of the Holocaust for the benefit of everyone.


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