David Shulick – Civic and Volunteer Engagement

David Shulick is a Civil Litigation Attorney who appreciates the value of giving back to his community, which is why he is highly active in civic and volunteer engagement activities that revolve around his field as well as certain issues that have affected him closely. Below are some of the examples of things that David Shulick has been engaged in, outside of his legal work, that come to the benefit of his community:

Judith B. Shulick Foundation- Following a tragic car accident that took the life of his mother, David Shulick set out to create the Judith B. Shulick Foundation, an organization that gives to Philadelphia schools in order to promote student attendance as well as involvement in activities that keep them off the streets. For David Shulick, it is his outlet for giving others the same types of opportunity he had as a child in order to create a safer and more productive future.

Jewish Federation of North America- The JFNA links Jewish communities from all over the continent to come to together and be a voice in the processes that affect their daily lives. The JFNA works to influence issues of caregiving, foreign policy, philanthropy and more on the national scale in order to promote policies that are reflective of Jewish values and are helpful to the community.


The Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation

The Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation is a children and youth support foundation dedicated to providing scholarship opportunities for at-risk youth to have a chance at academic success in high school and providing opportunities for college afterward. This organization has helped keep many at-risk high school students in class and has set up a support structure for them to use to attend college. For many of the students, they will be the first ones of their families to attend college, and they are extremely motivated by the workers at the Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation to reach for higher education.

The Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation is based in Philadelphia, where many students still struggle to make it through the sometimes underfunded and understaffed schools in the area. Many youths are profoundly disadvantaged in the Philadelphia community and need a support system in which they can buy into a community program aimed at putting them into the college of their choice. By helping kids navigate their high school careers and helping them achieve academic success, the Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation can create opportunities for the struggling youth of the Philadelphia school system so they can reach greater heights than their parents.

The Judith B. Shulick Memorial Foundation provides funding to programs throughout the Philadelphia school system aimed at keeping students in class and out of dangerous situations such as gang violence and other dangers of some of the surrounding communities. Those working with the Judith B. Shulick Foundation both funnel money into useful after school programs and encourage kids to take advantage of the resources given them.

David Shulick is one of the founding members of the organization, named after his mother, who died tragically in a car accident while David was in college. Now one of the top lawyers in Philadelphia, Shulick wants to create the same opportunities for youth today as he had when he was in school, in the name of his mother.

Super Lawyers: Recognizing Legal Greatness

Super Lawyers is a legal magazine that recognizes the best and brightest lawyers in the country. Lawyers are nominated to be a Super Lawyer by their peers, and after a rigorous selection process involving independent researchers and nominations by legal luminaries, a lawyer is chosen to be shown in the next issue of Super Lawyers. Only a maximum of five percent of all lawyers from a given state can be Super Lawyers, and the competition for a spot in the magazine is tough for every issue. Super Lawyers is more than a magazine, it’s a comprehensive rating system for the best and brightest lawyers in over seventy practicing areas in the United States. Its results are distributed to all seventy practice areas and all ABA accredited law schools. Super Lawyers is a great way to stay informed on what the best lawyers in the country do to support their practice and their community. In 2013, Super Lawyers spread to the United Kingdom, showcasing some of the best lawyers across the pond as well. In the US, Super Lawyers is published in all fifty states and Washington, DC, reaching more than 13 million readers nationwide.

In some city and regional magazines, Super Lawyers appears in a special section to showcase the best lawyers in the area and what makes them special. People looking for the best lawyers can count on Super Lawyers to deliver the most compassionate, community-oriented, talented lawyers in their area.

David Shulick was not only nominated as a Super Lawyer and featured in Super Lawyers magazine, he also made the Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars list, a special feature of Super Lawyers that recognizes the best and brightest lawyers in seventy practice areas around the country who are forty years old or younger or have less than ten years of experience. Shulick was recognized as one of the best and brightest young lawyers in his day.

The Super Lawyers Rising Star Award

Super Lawyers is a publication designed to shed light on the best and brightest of the legal community. In order to appear in Super Lawyers, you have to be a lawyer with a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. The selection process is long and rigorous, involving studies by independent researchers, peer nominations, and peer evaluations. Winners get their face on the cover of Super Lawyers, one of the most popular legal publications in the legal world. Super Lawyers gives the lawyers who are working in their community the recognition they deserve and helping them get the exposure they need to continue their good work.

The Rising Stars list in Super Lawyers is especially reserved for lawyers doing great work in their community who have less than ten years of experience on the job or younger than forty. The Rising Stars list is an elite portion of Super Lawyers that only the best of the best can achieve. While only five percent of all lawyers from each state can be named on the Super Lawyers list, only 2.5 percent of all lawyers make the Rising Stars list. Most Rising Stars lawyers also qualify for Super Lawyers recognition, but sometimes lawyers make the Rising Stars list without gracing the cover of Super Lawyers. The Rising Stars list involves a rigorous selection process that only accepts the best young lawyers in each state.

David Shulick earned a spot on the Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars list when he was starting out as a legal professional. He rose quickly through undergraduate and law school despite the tragic death of his mother in a car crash. Shulick excelled at every clerkship and legal position he held after law school and earned the Rising Stars distinction with his well-known, excellent, and important legal work.

David Shulick – Law Clerk

David Shulick is a successful lawyer in Philadelphia. He attended the James Beasley Law School at Temple University from 1991 to 1994 and graduated with honors and awards. Since receiving his law degree he has excelled at every employment position he has had, consistently exceeding his personal goals and those of his employers.

David Shulick

“My passion lies in setting and achieving goals, collaboration, and driving success,” he says.

As a law student David Shulick served as a clerk at a Philadelphia law firm. As he knows, good law clerks are indispensable to the functioning of a law firm or judge, but it works both ways; the experience the clerk get is invaluable. “I clerked at Jubanyik, Varbalow, now Dilworth Paxson,” he recalls. “Reporting primarily to Michael Varbalow, Esquire, I continually exceeded expectations as his Clerk with reference to my analytical skills, self-starter qualities, independent performance, and writing skills. I also served a Clerkship with the Honorable Marvin Halbert learning trial practice, opinion drafting, and other key judicial related skills, outperforming all expectations set by the Court.”

According to the American Bar Association, good law clerks prepare judges for hearings, trials and oral arguments, and also manage dockets; they act as writers, administrators, schedulers, and gatekeepers.

David Shulick passed the Bar exams in New Jersey and Pennsylvania not long after receiving his law degree, and he has gone on to a distinguished career. He was named a “Super Lawyer – Rising Star” in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers, whose objective is to create a credible and comprehensive list of outstanding attorneys, which can be used by the public as an aid in choosing a lawyer.

David Shulick – Honors Graduate

David Shulick has more than twenty years of experience as a lawyer. He is the founder and owner of Shulick Law and serves the Metropolitan Philadelphia area, and out of state clients, specializing in civil litigation. He provides corporate counsel, and legal services for individuals in State and Federal court.

David Shulick“I have always learned, succeeded, and over-achieved all established goals,” he says. “My passion lies in setting and achieving goals, collaboration, and driving success.”

David Shulick has experienced success at every phase of his life. Beginning in third grade he began participating in Mentally Gifted programs for students with IQs of 140 or higher. He graduated with honors from George Washington High School, with honors from the University of Delaware and with honors from the Temple University Law School.

Graduating with honors is a great achievement for any student, and demonstrates their intelligence and commitment to a work ethic. “Since graduating Temple Law School, at every employment position, clerkship and otherwise, I have out-performed my personal goals and the goals of my employer,” David Shulick says. Like most high achievers, he focused on his goals and was tenacious about achieving them. He was able to stick to his plan for achieving those goals even when it became unpleasant. He suffered a devastating blow when his beloved mother was killed in an automobile accident shortly before he entered law school in 1991. “Unlike many 21-year olds faced with similar tragic circumstances, I did not defer entering Temple University Law School and commenced my full time day coursework in September, 1991,” he says.

After graduating David Shulick passed the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Bar exams on the first round of testing, and right away found work as an Assistant General Counsel at Orleans Development Company. He also served as Associate Counsel at two Philadelphia law firms, and by 1999 had the opportunity to open Shulick Law.

David Shulick – Super Lawyer

David Shulick is an attorney who practices law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he opened Shulick Laws in 1999. He has more than twenty years of experience as a practicing lawyer, and has made a name for himself as a hard-working and dedicated lawyer who is committed to succeeding on behalf of his clients. “My passion lies in setting and achieving goals, collaboration, and driving success,” he says.

David Shulick

David Shulick

He has the distinction of being named a “Super Lawyer – Rising Star” in Philadelphia for three consecutive years, from 2005 to 2007. Super Lawyers is a highly selective rating service of prominent lawyers in more than seventy practice areas. Being named a Super Lawyer means that David Shulick was placed on a credible and comprehensive list of outstanding attorneys; the list is a resource for consumers and other attorneys who are looking for legal counsel. Only lawyers who can be hired and retained by the public are eligible to be included on the Super Lawyers list.

Only five percent of lawyers in Pennsylvania are ever named to the Super Lawyers list, so David Shulick made it to an elite group. The Rising Star distinction is even more exclusive: to be eligible, an attorney can be no older than forty years of age, or in practice for no more than ten years. No more than two and a half percent of those eligible are ever named to the Rising Stars. Those who are named to the lists are profiled in Super Lawyers Magazine, which is distributed to attorneys in the state or region, and to law school libraries accredited by the American Bar Association. The magazine reaches more than thirteen million readers nationwide.