David Shulick – Qualified for ‘Million Dollar Advocates Forum’

David Shulick is a civil litigation lawyer who has specialized in class action suits, fraud cases and more; and his record shows that he deserves his reputation of being known for creating optimum outcomes for his clients. His exceptional abilities in the courtroom have earned him qualification for the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, who explains themselves on their website as so:

“Established in 1993, the Million Dollar Advocates Forum (which includes the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum) is one of the most prestigious groups of trial lawyers in the United States.  Membership is limited to attorneys who have won million and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. There are over 4000 members throughout the country.  Less than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members.

The quality of our membership is very impressive and includes many of the top trial lawyers in the country. Many of our members have achieved numerous million and multi-million dollar results (several members have won billion dollar cases). Their practice areas include most areas of litigation, including: major personal injury, products liability, malpractice, construction, environmental, employment, insurance and business litigation. The common fact is that they have each demonstrated, in an objective and tangible way, their ability to accomplish superior results in complex cases. Certification by the Million Dollar Advocates Forum provides recognition of such accomplishment and a national network of experienced colleagues for information exchange, assistance and professional referral.”

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Extensive Skills and Experience

David Shulick has always thrived in an intellectually stimulating environment, one that allows him to bring his skills, intelligence and experience to the table and to bring genuine value to his employer and to his clients. As someone with a passion for working with others, setting and achieving goals and driving his organization to success, Shulick looks forward to building on what has already been a noted and successful career.

David Shulick has extensive legal and business experience, and has consistently performed at a very high level throughout each position he has held. As the In-House Counsel for several real estate development and management companies, Shulick has been charged with the responsibility of all company legal affairs, ensuring that each organization has the legal and business services needed to be protected and to prosper. As the founder, owner and Lead Counsel for Shulick Law, Shulick has continually provided unparalleled legal services to numerous clients, and has been a passionate and devoted advocate on behalf of both consumers and companies in need of high-quality legal representation.

David Shulick has served numerous firms with distinction throughout his career, including the firm of Cohen & Huntington and the firm of Frank & Rosen, before forming his own practice at the age of 29. He has accumulated a significant amount of corporate law, in-house counsel and civil litigation experience, and has developed the qualities of a proven leader, someone who understands what is needed to lead a team towards the efficient and effective completion of their objectives. With a keen eye for detail, an unrelenting work ethic and considerable communication skill, Shulick truly makes an excellent addition to any business and/or legal team.

David Shulick – Over 15 Years of Legal Experience

David Shulick has been a practicing legal professional for more than 15 years, and has dedicated his career, and his life, to the defense and protection of both people and groups harmed and/or wronged by deceptive and damaging business practices. A respected and well known class action attorney, and civil litigation attorney, Shulick has accumulated an extensive amount of knowledge, expertise and experience in the fields of personal injury, contract, commercial, residential and real estate law. He has consistently put this experience to good use in the passionate representation and defense of the numerous clients he has served.

David Shulick’s ultimate goal is not only justice for the individual client, but for society as a whole, one reason he dedicates himself to the most passionate, effective and comprehensive representation in every case. Shulick seeks justice for everyone he serves, as well as for the businesses and powerful corporations that deceive and pose harm to the American public.

A graduate of Temple University Law School, where he graduated with honors from in 1994, David Shulick focuses his practice in the areas of litigation, class action, employment, consumer, commercial and personal injury. Shulick works to uphold the often delicate balance between employees and their employers, and to keep business operating both effectively and fairly for the consumer. He understands that businesses are often at a significant advantage when it comes to legal representation and litigation, which is why he works to assure people and their families that their rights, and their reparations, will be pursued tirelessly and without fail.